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All about the Morphe 35O

Morphe 35O, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow brushes

What makeup loving chick doesn’t enjoy a good eyeshadow palette? This post is going to focus on the Morphe 35O palette and discuss a little bit about the brand itself. Just so ya know, I am not sponsored or affiliated with Morphe. I bought this palette with my own money and all my opinions are my own.

If you watch any big beauty guru on Youtube you have heard about Morphe. Jaclyn Hill, MannyMUA, and Laura Lee are all about the Morphe brand. That is how I heard about it. I went right out and ordered the 35O because I mean, if JHill uses it then I need it too, right?

A quick note about Morphe. Morphe was developed in 2008 and has a factory in China. They are what is called private label. Which means, in a nut shell, that this one factory makes products and then slaps a name on it. If you google morphe private label, you’ll find a lot more information on private labeling. (side note: I think private labels are great I just want to know what I’m buying.) Morphe also claims to be cruelty free. They now list all their ingredients on their site, including parabens, mineral oil, and talc.

morphe 35O palette, eyeshadow colors, eyeshadow brushes, makeup

The 35O is called NATURE GLOW. The 35 colors include cool to warm browns, shimmers, satins, and mattes. It’s in a sleek all black package. Listed for $23, making the eyeshadows approximately $0.62/shadow. After swatching all 35 colors on my hand, fingers, wrist, and arm (there’s a lot of colors) and blending with a brush it was “eh”. Some of the colors were soft and smooth and there were just as many that weren’t. Some of the browns were muddy and patchy. They literally just didn’t show up. I was able to find a few colors that would work nicely as transition shades but there are so many in here it’s hard to remember which one you dipped your brush into. (No one else has this problem? Just me?) But some of the shimmers were very pretty and smooth. It’s kind of a toss-up. Depends on the color you wanna use. I personally don’t like too warm of colors. The red/orange shadow just makes me feel like I have pink eye. If you can pull it off then YOU DO YOU, but I just can’t. Overall, my opinion is I can take it or leave this palette. I don’t find that I reach for it very often and that tells me a lot.

morphe 35O, eyeshadow colors, eyeshadow brushes

morphe 35O, eyeshadows

morphe 35O, eyeshadow colors

For the price, it’s a good deal. But it is not professional quality. I am still going to reach for my Mac shadows first. If you are new to makeup or on a budget, this probably would work nicely. There are a lot of mixed reviews out there about the brand and influencers. How they push product because they get a kickback. My advice to you, be an informed consumer. Because at the end of the day, it’s your money. Don’t be like me and just buy it because someone says “IT’S THE BEST EVER”. I’ll do better.

Til next time loves!




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