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how to cover dark circles

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I feel as though I should probably pay homage to my night shift work peeps and have my first blog post about the dreaded undereye circles......Dun, DUN, DUUUUUUN........

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So i never knew I had undereye circles. I really didn't. I mean when you are used to looking at yourself in the mirror you kind of get used to all the discoloration. Well at least, I did. And this was before I started working nights. Anywho, so yes....usually women and some men have dark undereye circles, and/or puffiness. These circles can be blue, pink, purple, and black/grey. Oh and they might not just be under the eye. They can in the corners of the eye or on the actual eye lid itself. It all gets put under the undereye circle umbrella.

Ok, now we have determined that we have undereye circles. So how do we cover them up?

Well there are a few ways to do this. Under Eye color correctors and concealers will become your

new best friends. Obviously, correctors correct and concealers conceal. If you have slight under

eye circles you may not require correctors.

It all depends on how dark they are. And you need to become acquainted with a littlebit of the color wheel. Here is my short by sweet, slightly more understandable color wheel miniexplanation: (deep breath)

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The color wheel can get kind of complicated if you get lost in all the jargon. However for this explanation we only need to mention complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are colors that sit directly across from each other on the color wheel and conveniently enough, cancel each other out. So, lets say you have blue undereye circles. If you put a salmon or orange color on top it counteracts the blue. (We will refer back to the color wheel probably numerous times throughout the life span of this blog.....we'll all be color experts by then, yay!)

Undereye concealer has double duty. You can use it to cover the circles and even out the overall tone of your face and/OR you can use a lighter shade and use it to highlight. My suggestion would be if you aren't sure about using a corrector, just us a concealer and see if any dark peaks through. If it does, you might benefit from using a corrector first. Makeup is trial and error. Not everything works for every body, you just have to experiment and find what works for you.

Application is pretty easy. Apply color corrector in the shade complementary of the color of your circles. Blue= salmon, orange, or yellow. Purple= yellow. Red/pink= blue/green. There are numerous colors along the spectrum. So try some out. Look at the color wheel, are your circles more blue green? Then go for a reddish/green. If they are dark purple go for more yellow. Use your finger to gently press the product into the delicate under eye area. Blend with a sponge or just continue to lightly pat using your clean finger. Once the corrector is applied, it's time for concealer. You can to match this undereye area and not highlight it. So chose a color close to your skin tone, if you want to highlight the undereye area you can but for now we are trying to conceal the dark area first. Using a sponge or clean finger pat the concealer into the skin and blend down slightly. There ya go, easy peasy!

Well what should I use? There are tons and tons of concealers and correctors out there in makeup land. High end, drugstore, and in between. Like I said earlier, it’s a matter of opinion and not everything works for everybody. I've used drug store- Covergirl, Revlon, Rimmel, L'oreal....and I've also used higher end products- MAC, Amazing cosmetics, Bare Minerals. Here is what I like so far. Becca under eye color corrector, NYX color corrector palette, and Makeup Forever Color correction palette. (Some that arent pictured include Rimmel Wake me Up concealer, it cosmetics bye bye undereye, and the garnier roller ball)

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Here is some Words of Wear:

Try to stay away from heavy creams as they will have more of a tendency to crease.

Use your ring finger to pat the product into the skin, be gentle folks......that skin around the eye is fragile. Lets not cause more wrinkles if we don't have to.

Apply your foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturizer first (if you're wearing some) because you might find you wont need as much product as you think.

Blend, Blend, BLEND.......gently.

The most important tip I can share with you all is to set your undereye concealer. I repeat, SET YOUR CONCEALER. Use a finely milled translucent power and a powder puff to lightly press the powder into the skin. If you apply too much, just sweep it away gently. (Here are some powders that I like- Rice Powder from Sallys Beauty Supply, Makeup Forever HD powder, NYX HD powder, Ben Nye Banana Powder.)

**disclaimer** Our skin is not naturally smooth. It has texture. Even the softest skin will have texture. Concealers will probably crease in our fine lines. Its the nature of the beast. What I think we can do is control the severity of the creasing. By using moisturizer/eye cream, liquids over creams, blending, and setting with a finely milled powder......your creasing should be significantly decreased.


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