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Colourpop Craze

Colourpop Craze, colourpop eyeshadow, blush, highlighter

I love right when I get my abnormally small hands on a product, it loses its trendy value. Said no one ever.

I stumbled upon a brand that is trendy and also budget friendly. It’s called Colourpop. Are you looking for bronzey eyeshadow? They have it. What about a matte nude lip? They have that too. A shimmer highlight? Yup. Lip liners? Yes. Blushes? Uh huh. What about blue liquid lipstick? YASSSSS.

Colourpop collection, super shock shadows

And what’s even better, it’s cheap but not cheaply made. Their eyeshadows cost $5 a piece. Most lipsticks and glosses are $6. The blush, highlight, and bronzers are all $8. They also have adorable sets you can buy. Gloss sets, eyeshadow set running $12-$15. AND Colourpop just releases their own individual pressed shadows! So now, you can put them in a palatte. The original super shock shadows are very smooth and creamy. But you weren’t able to depot them easily. Tip: use your finger to apply or a synthetic brush to apply for a smooth finish.

I fell in love with this brand last summer. Colourpop is also known for running fabulous specials on their site with discounts and free shipping. I ordered most of mine when they were all 2$!! 2$!! Love at first swipe. Plus, they are bunny friendly. They don’t test on animals.

Here are some of the products I added to my makeup collection. Try this brand out. I don’t believe you will be disappointed. And let me know if you love them just as much as I do.

Any other brands I should know about?? Would you like to see a look with this brand?? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


FYI: Right now, if your order is over $10, you get a free pressed eyeshadow in ‘Milli’.

**I am not affiliated with Colourpop; any and all opinions are my own.**


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