Bridal Beauty 101

Bridal makeup is one of the bread and butters of the freelance makeup industry. Brides want to look flawless. I mean, who doesn't want to look their absolute best on “the happiest day of their life”? Right. We all do. So botching a bride is a pretty big deal.

Needless to say, I was definitely nervous when I volunteered to do my first bride. I was worried that I hadn't had enough practice. But, I knew that I had to just jump in and give it a try. So, I did. I’ll admit, I was nervous. I mean, this makeup application can make or break pictures. And as a bride, you want gorgeous pictures. Especially since you pay out the wazoo for them.

My bride was Kayla.

She was lovely to work with. So laid back. Overall she was an exceptional bride to start out with. Even when I forgot to bring my foundation palette for our consultation, she went with the flow. (My bad, girl) I knew that dealing with photography, the makeup would have to be heavier. Which scares me to death because I personally don't wear a lot and that personal style bleeds over into my professional style. However, I knew this was a great exercise for me. So with all these tid-bits floating around in my head we got started.


As a MUA novice, there are things I forget to do and/or bring. Or I do things out of order. I forgot to bring the foundation. I did the foundation before my eyeshadow, causing fall-out. I panicked while doing the winged eye-liner and completely blanked on how to draw it. I forgot to take a before photo during the consultation. I forgot to bring a full-sized mirror. The list goes on and on. Mostly, all my forgetfulness stems from my nerves. I’m naturally a nervous person, anyone who knows me personally can vouch for me. I kept the application just within the hour mark so I was fairly satisfied with my timing. The makeup was a bit too light to be picked up by the cameras though. So I knew

the day of application would have to be heavier even still.


I had previously packed my kit with only the things I knew I needed. I even double checked to make sure I had my foundation palette. I was ready! I color matched her fairly (ha) easily using MUF HD cream foundation. I still did her foundation first, even though I meant to do her eyeshadow. I think it’s because I love LOVE a beautiful foundation….so I get excited and just jump into doing it first. I tried hard to push aside my nervousness and focus on Kayla. She was just a ray of absolute sunshine. You could really see the love she had for her soon-to-be husband. Her bridesmaid was just as sweet as she could be and very comforting throughout the entire experience. As I continued, Kayla’s nerves started to simmer to the surface. What bride isn't nervous on her wedding day? This is why you have mimosas during the wedding day prep. Unfortunately we lacked mimosas but were able to find some Malibu. (wink, wink) Her cousin was flittering about snapping photos. Then it hit me, why cant I get her to show me how Kayla looks during the process so I’ll know where to add more? (lightbulb!) So during the contouring, highlighting, and blush application; thats just what we did. I would apply, she would snap a photo and I would add. It was pretty effective. I had to just beat down my inner voice screaming “that’s too much, blend more”. Just at my hour mark, we were finished. I packed up, hugs were exchanged and I was gone. Just like that, my first official bride was done. (fist pump!)

Things I learned: Do not assume your client will have anything. Such as adequate working space. Be able to adapt to your environment. In this instance, I had to work out of my case. There was zero counter space. Tiny bottles of liquor are essential to your bridal kit. Plus, they are adorable. Cameras dont lie. Use your phone with flash or if the photographer doesn't mind, ask if you can see some of the pics she’s been taking. Adjust amounts as

needed. I am very grateful to have been included in Kayla’s big day. I left with a knowing deep down that this is

what I want to do. This is where my passion lies. It is amazing when you finally stumble upon something you love. I have been questioning whether or not I m meant to do anything with makeup, just chalk it up to something I like. But when I walked outta there I had a little shift in my universe.

I was finally happy.

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