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Gold Glitter Cut Crease

I love sparkly things. Especially glitter. Lucky for me, glitter as eyeshadow is super popular right now. And I got an opportunity to use some this past weekend. Here in Louisiana we have a holiday season called Mardi Gras. It includes parades and masquerade balls, beads, and king cakes. We get dressed up to the nines and go to huge parties and dance til our feet fall off and our necks hurt from wearing all the throws we catch.

Stephanie wanted glitter. Her gown was glitter, her shoes were glitter, her mask was too. So that’s what we did. She requested a gold glitter eye and Saturday afternoon we got started. I wanted to do a cut crease with some gold glitter on the mobile lid. I used my MAC objects of affection gold pigments I ordered a year ago. I was stoked to bring those puppies out! I used the Gold. Which probably shouldn’t be used around the eye area because of the chunky glitter but she wanted it. I used my Morphe 350 palette for my transition shades. I realized then I had forgotten my glitter glue. So in a pinch, I used my MAC paint pot in Ocre. I sprayed my brush with MAC Fix Plus and picked up the pigment. I patted it all over the mobile lid. I then sprayed my brush with some Urban Decay setting spray and added more. I thought maybe that might keep the pigment on the skin. It seemed to work. She was so happy with her look!

Some tips about glitter pigments:

  1. Do the eye look first.

  2. Wipe away fall out with a makeup wipe or use some less sticky tape to pick it off the skin.

  3. Use glitter around the eye at your own risk. Glitter isn’t supposed to get into the eyes. It can scratch and cut and over all hurt pretty stinkin bad. So be careful.

  4. Use a flat synthetic brush to pick up the glitter and pack it on, not wipe it on.

  5. Glitter glue is your friend. Try not to forget it. If you do, you can use something with a tacky texture and the glitter will most likely stick.

Hope this helps you get into some glitter shadow! Follow me on Instagram and show me! Instagram: @saravsmua

Here’s a list of what I used on beautiful Stephanie:

Mehron HD Pro foundation

RCMA Colorless powder

MAC paint pot in Soft Ocre

Morphe 350

MAC Gold pigment

NYX brow definer in Taupe

MUFE concealer palette

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer

Becca Champagne Pop

MAC blankety

MAC boldly bare pencil

Graftobian HD clear gloss

Ardell whispies lashes


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