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What are Eyelash Extensions?

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I believe that eyelashes can be the most feminine attribute on the face. Fluffy, dark lashes are just gorgeous. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with natural dark luxurious lashes. Mine are straight and average thickness. Ive also got hooded lids (where your mobile lid is almost covered when ur eye is open; ie you can’t see any lid space while my eyes are open).

Eyelash extensions, The Lash Lobby, how to eyelash extensions

Lashes can open up a hooded eye and draw attention away from the droopiness. Que eyelash extensions. These are longer lasting and more durable than using cluster lashes or full strip ones. These extensions attach to your individual lashes for a more fluid look. And they last about 3 weeks before a refill. The one downside is they take a little while to apply. Mine usually take 2 hours because I want them specifically thick and fluffy instead of long. So my lash lady puts on approximately 100+ individual lashes on each eye.

I go see Melinda at The Lash Lobby. I love going to see her because she listens to what I want and does a consistently fabulous job. Her work space is so warm and inviting, I usually fall asleep during my appt. And when I wake up she has created these beautiful lashes for me.

The Lash Lobby, eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions, The Lash Lobby

If you are considering lash extensions, take the plunge. It doesn’t break off your natural lashes. Your lashes shed like normal. As long as you take care in their upkeep they will last you a long time. Which means, don’t pick at them! All you have to do is brush them up throughout the day to keep them in place, and don’t use anything around the eye area with lint or oil. I love how mine make me feel more lovely even without a full face of makeup. Plus, I don’t have to worry about mascara flaking off into my eyes.

Melinda is located on 4438 Viking Drive in Bossier City. Go see her. Get your lash game strong! Tell her I sent you.

Eyelash extensions and Emmy Lou

P.S. Emmy Lou loves The Lash Lobby too!




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