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Men's Skincare

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Man, stick, fire, woman, grunt.....alright so maybe men aren't exactly cavemen anymore but when it comes to their skin care maybe they still are?

"Why do you have this much stuff?" "What's this for?" "How's this work?" This blog post is for all my guys out there.

At the end of the day, skin is skin. Men or women. We all lose elasticity/softness, get dehydrated, and develop sunburn/sunspots. The short of it is, when it comes to skincare; less is more. Especially for men because, lets be honest; a minimal step skin care routine is ideal. I'd say 3 steps. If not 3 then skip the serum and just go for a good moisturizer with spf during the day.

1.cleanser-something they can keep in the shower; exfoliant is also included in this as they help to cleanse the skin of dead cells.

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Some Manly Cleansers:

2. serum-for the man can handle an extra step and wants hydrated, soft skin.

manly serums, lab series, anthony, lab series

Some Manly Serums:

Manly moisturizer, face lotion for me, jack black lotion, lab series, anthony

3. moisturizer/facial lotion-with at least spf 20; because skin cancer knows no gender.

Some Manly Moisturizers:

A serum especially one with hyaluronic acid is an extra step but is so worth it. It helps with wrinkles and decreasing fine lines. Just a pump while your skin is still damp. Watch it work its magic. Then apply moisturizer, ideally do this in the morning and night.

For those guys who find that they have skin that might benefit from some light exfoliation, there are easy to use pads that help scrub off the crustys and decrease the appearance of pores. Just be cautious when adding them to your routine because they can be a little drying if used too often. Follow the directions and if you have any specific questions just ask.

ever skin care exfoliation, sex a peel, gycolic acid

Manly Exfoliators:

beard upkeep, jack black beard lube, harrys face kit, shave butter

'Because beards are so popular, there are tons of shave kits and beard care out there now. Beard oils, pastes, treatments for ingrowns and razor burn. Here are some sweet suggestions for our bearded fellas.

Beard Upkeep suggestions:

Making your skin feel better and look better can change your entire daily outlook. Why do you think us women do it? It makes us feel good. So try out some "manly skincare" and see if it doesn't get you some more FaceTime with your boo.

** is an affiliate of Amazon. Any purchases help to keep this site up and running smoothly. I deeply appreciate any and all purchases through my blog.


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