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how to use bronzer

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I have a love-hate relationship with bronzing. I love the way it looks on others but I dont think i've mastered it on myself just yet. (It’s a personal goal.) Some shy way from bronzing because they don’t want to risk looking like Jersey Shore orange or “dirty faced”. But with the right color choice and correct application it can warm up the complexion. Giving a glow” or “healthy” appearence. And I know I could use that in my life. The struggle is real, ya’ll. We get tired and worn down and the first place it shows is on our faces. (yay, syke) So, lets see if we can learn some stuff about bronzing and maybe sharpen our skills.

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Bronzing, essentially, is the use of a powder, cream, or liquid 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone; applied to the areas of the face “where the sun naturally hits”. Let’s talk about placement before we get into all the beautiful kinds of bronzer. “Where the sun naturally hits”……well, where do you usually get sunburned? For me its upper parts of my cheeks, my forehead, and nose (as evidence by all my freckles). You can also think about creating the number 3 on the outside of your face. But here’s the thing, go with your face shape. Don’t go watch a Youtube video and copy exactly what you see. The guru probably doesn’t have the same face shape as you. And that’s ok. Work what you got. With bronzing, stay on the upper/mid area of the cheeks, the edges of the forehead, and lightly down the nose. You can also apply it on the jaw line and blend down onto the neck.

The key to most every type of makeup application is to start light handed and build intensity. It’s a good “word of wear”. Using a fluffy, semi dense brush, pick up some bronzer and rub/tap off the excess. This is important to remember too: Wherever you touch first, will deposit the most color. So I would suggest starting at the hair line and buffing forward on the cheek and forehead. Add more product until you have built up a slight “tan”.

Now here is the most significant part of the process: blending

Using a relatively clean brush (it can be a fluffy brush, a kabuki brush, or a micro fiber one; use what

you have) and buff the bronzer into the skin. Be aware of how far down you are moving the product.

My suggestion is to blend upward and not downward. Blending down makes the complexion look “dirty”. The goal is to not have any harsh lines. So buff until they disappear. (Buffing means making light/medium pressure circular movements with your fluffy brush on your face)

For the nose, I just usually take what’s left over on my bronzing brush and lightly buff my nose. Just a tad, doesn’t have to be much.

That’s really all there is to it. Sounds easy but it’s tough when I do it on myself. I’m terrified of not blending enough and looking ridiculous. (Hey, I can be honest here….) It just takes practice.

So let me touch on how to choose a bronzer. You are looking for a shade 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Something that isn’t too orange. Think about when you get tan during the summer. Are you more orange or more brown? It’s a matter of preference but I shoot for more of a brown. It’s tough on the pale/light skinned folks because it seems like all the colors are too dark. But here is a little secret, you can use a foundation (powder, cream or liquid) that’s a shade or two darker. No one has to buy a “bronzer”. Matter of fact, there isn’t such thing as a bronzer…..its blush but the beauty world just created a whole new sub category. Anyways, a slightly darker foundation works the exact same. This works for every skin tone.

Shimmer bronzers are my favorite. They are just sooooo pretty. (OooOOo shiney….) You can use

shimmer bronzers the same way, just be light handed and blend. Look for some that are shimmery

and not glittery. We don’t want huge pieces of glitter on our cheeks. Well, I mean if that’s your

look, then work it hard girl.

The short of it is: Words of wear

1. choose a shade 2-3 shades darker than your foundation

2. use a fluffy brush and be light handed (its always easier to add more than to take off)

3. apply to the high points of the face, or “where the sun naturally hits” ie upper part of cheeks, close to the hair line on the forehead and slightly down the nose; add some to the jaw line and blend onto the neck too

4. blend like crazy upwards…..blending down is what makes you look dirty, NO HARSH LINES!

5. greet the day looking healthy, glowy, awake, and feeling beautiful =)

Hope this helps! Like, Share, Comment!!!!


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