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my skin care routine

Daily Skin Care Routine, neutrogena, aveeno, moisturizer, eye cream, retinol, skin care

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Everyone's skin is different. I mean that is really a complete understatement. Skin is one of the first things that we all notice. I was blessed with relatively good skin. I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't load up on makeup when I was young. Kept my pores relatively clear during the crazy puberty years. Except that one time when I pretty much brunt my face with an over use of retin-a. Yeah that sucked. Over all I have occasionally sensitive/normal skin. If I break out its usually hormonal (yay for being a girl) and they will be cystic. And those HURT. Huge under the skin bumps that ache and eventually come to the surface to make a sore. And if I pop them, they usually scar.

So here's the low down on what I do and how I do it. Let me preface this by saying I am not an esthetician. Although I really would like to be. Maybe one day. All the products I will suggest and use I bought with my own money. Im just letting you know what I do. I would love to hear some of what y'all do. Also, any specific information I list is directly from a Milady textbook for estheticians. I will link the bibliography down below.

I haven't changed up my routine in years. I might add something, because it's the new IT product but I never really keep using it. Here is a list of what I use:

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Purpose face wash (however I just learned that this can be kind of drying)

Aveeno brightening exfoliating scrub (use maybe twice a week)


Once a month I use a facial mask; usually the mint julep one from sally's or the aztec clay one

Neutrogena wrinkle reducer with a light OTC amount of Retin-A. Thats plenty powerful for my face. (Retina-A helps speed up the cell turn over. Helping to shed the top layer of skin and get down to the undamaged skin layers.)

If I have a pimple, a regular one or a cystic; I use mario Badescu drying lotion and mask. They seem to work well and I have to try to not pick at it. Which is hard and super gross but dang this nasty thing is on my face and I want it off!

Now, before people are all "have you tried a clarisonic?"; let me go ahead and tell you. I bought one, a pretty mia 2 in pink. And I hated it. My face broke out in the worst cystic acne since I was 14. I have an off brand one from Sally's Beauty Supply and it works great. The bristles aren't as dense so maybe thats why it works better for my face. I'll use that maybe twice a month.

I dont use a chemical exfoliator as my skin doesn't necessarily call for one. Chemical exfoliators help to dissolve or slough off the dead skin cells that can clog pores such as Alphahydroxy acids.

I used Retin-a when my cystic acne got bad but was not instructed on the proper use. So I pretty much burned my T-zone off. It was so painful! So take my advice and use just a little pea size amount for the entire face. As far as daily sunscreen, the aveeno daily moisturizer has some in it but usually my foundation of BB cream has additional SPF. So I'm covered.

Beauty Blog Louisiana, Beauty Blog Shreveport, Blogger, Makeup Artist Louisiana, Makeup Artist Shreveport, Makeup Artist blog, MUA, professional makeup artist, makeovers before and after,  beauty products beauty product reviews

It isn't very exciting or glamorous. I don't spend 100s of dollars on anything. I can get most of this stuff at my local walmart or Ulta. Which is super convenient.

My tips to y'all are if you use Retin-A whether OTC or from a Rx a doc gives you, there is no sunscreen in it. And it has a tendency to make skin very sensitive to sun exposure. Don't use it every night, use a pea size for the entire face and use it before you go to bed. Maybe every other night.

Could my skin be better? Is it flawless? Not even close. I have a pretty good amount of freckles that some would try to fade. But I like mine. I also have some acne scars that could look better but they usually don't bother me. This is my routine. It works for me because its nothing drastic. I would suggest going to a dermatologist if your skin is troublesome. Or a good esthetician. If you are local and looking for either I can suggest some to you. Just leave a comment or email and I can get you connected. This is a glimpse into what I do.

What have ya'll used that you are just in love with? What are some of your holy grail products?

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